SOCARTES' Founder's Recognition:

  • Your strong words of encouragement and shared life experiences will serve as guides to help keep the young men on path to fulfill their personal and life goals.  I encourage you to continue to do great things for individuals and communities that you serve. --- C. Howard, Northern Virginia Community College, MAN UP (Minority Male Initiative) Program Leader (Formal Letter of Support)

  • Mr. Young's demonstrated passion for wanting to make a difference in the lives of those who may have lost sight of their dreams is infectious. ... As Mr. Young continues to share has gift of knowledge and provide opportunities for others to grow, he succeeds with fulfilling his goal of championing change with those who desire an alternative direction in life.  --- S. Sims, Arlington County Department of Human Services - Division of Behavioral Healthcare (Formal Letter of Support)

  • I wanted to share this powerful quote (referring to the quote “Darkness Fuels the Light”) from S.L. Young.  I am always searching for resources, inspiration, wisdom, etc., that will help SCIP'S efforts to reconnect and keep youth connected to their communities.  As a kid growing up, Mr. Young was not unlike so many of the kids we work with today and yet he found a way to use education to lift him to a place where he can give back in profound ways.  I wrote this particular quote  on a classroom dry erase board two weeks ago and the teacher has yet to remove it.  I believe there are thousands of kids whom we have had the opportunity to work with who have the potential to be another S.L. Young.  ---M. Saigeon, Founder, Sherriff’s Community Impact Program (Formal Letter of Support)

  • Thank you ever so much for your gift of time on Friday to address our seniors. I found your [commencement] speech very moving and inspirational, as did many others. I am very happy you work with at-risk youth, as they will benefit greatly from your word.  --- K. Salerno, Coordinator, Nontraditional School Programs

  • The inmates have also greatly benefited from your sharing of authentic stories about overcoming substantial personal challenges and your inspirational messages during your book readings. ... You have helped to educate and inspire many of the inmates incarcerated at the Arlington County Detention Facility (ACDF).  You are really making a difference and positively impacting the lives of the inmates incarcerated here.  --- Ms. Cane, Arlington County Detention Facility (Formal Letter of Support)

  • For Presenting to The Countdown to Graduation Program: We couldn't do it without you!  --- N. Conyers, Arlington County Department of Health and Human Services

  • We at the NCSC are also excited about our partnership with you and welcome you back for further work with the community. ... The session was fun and encouraged all present to participate.  --- A. Williams, Nauck Community Services Center (NCSC)

  • It is crucial that our students, especially the boys, hear from a male role model like yourself. ... To hear that you went from hating school and being told that you would not make it to actually teaching college students is inspirational. ... Your story is important and needs to be heard.  Thank you for making a positive impact on our students!  --- C. Bonar, New Directions Alternative High School Program (Arlington Public Schools)


  • I came into your class wary and nervous that your high energy would mean anxiety for me, and I was right.  But it was your encouragement and willingness to listen to everyone that allowed me to push through and create my greatest college successes so far out of my greatest fears.  I will always appreciate that.  --- C. Sutherland, Northern Virginia Community College Student

  • Your enthusiasm and passion [are] unmatched... Your teaching style and your ability to convey information with everyone in class was truly amazing.  Your passion inspired me to find my own passions and to pursue what I seek out of life...  --- M. Rivero, Northern Virginia Community College Student