Note: At approximately 26 minutes, Mr. Young discusses his passion and purpose for SOCARTES' creation

During the 4-year partnership with the Arlington County Detention Facility (ACDF) in Arlington, VA (started in October 2013), S. L. Young has taught over 300 inmates with approximately 100 earning certificates of completion in either "Introduction to Business - Overview," "Introduction to Business - Soft Skills," or "Life Skills Management."  Moreover, almost 40 inmates in the Addiction, Corrections, and Treatment (ACT) Program participated in a non-certificate curriculum.  Furthermore, Mr. Young has spoken to hundreds of at-risk high school and college students about overcoming educational challenges --- based on his long educational journey from barely graduating high school to excelling to earn multiple degrees.  These experiences drove him to educate, uplift, and inspire others as an educator (professor/community influencer/thought-leader).

SOCARTES is an educational nonprofit founded in December 2012; its focus is to help individuals overcome personal challenges and barriers to achieve educational goals within their communities.

SOCARTES' strongly believes that challenges (e.g., tuition, transportation, past experiences) should not be a factor in an individual's ability to receive a quality education.  Moreover, SOCARTES is committed to providing individuals access to personal development opportunities, which can lead to these individuals reaching their career potential and goals. 

Saving Our Communities at Risk Through Educational Services (SOCARTES)


Don't devalue any positive struggles toward an endpoint, because completion and success feel the same no matter the way you started.

Source: S. L. Young

A little less than 1 in 5.3 students nationally don't graduate high school, roughly:
  • 32% American Indian / Alaska Native;
  • 7% Asian / Pacific Islander;
  • 32% Black;
  • 24% Hispanic;
  • 15% Whites​.


Source: Dept. of Education (2012)

​​* 11/2017 - SOCARTES' founder featured in an regular Falls Church News-Press segment "Our Man in Arlington" by Charlie Clark

*2/2017 - Developed a new integrated program with higher classification ACDF inmates who don't receive as many programs due to restrictions based on their status.

* 9/2016 - Completed an 8-week Business - Soft Skills and overcoming challenges program with a new group at the jail --- the ACT Unit.

* 12/2015 - SOCARTES' founder's article "Inmate Management: What's Wanted Better Criminals or Citizens?" appears in the HuffPost.

* 7/2015 - SOCARTES' founder speaks at Arlington County Board meeting to seek approval to obtain complementary access to meeting rooms at community recreational centers to offer life and business training to residents. (Comments at 38 - 40 minutes; board's responses at 1:09 - 1:17)

* 6/2015 - SOCARTES' founder delivers commencement addressat Fairfax County Non-Traditional High School graduation